Our philosophy

We produce beer following the philosophy of drinkability (ease of drinking), a common thread that unites all our beers.

Our offer includes unfiltered and unpasteurized beers, divided into core beers, with 8 varieties produced year-round, rotation beers, produced on a seasonal basis, and limited editions in collaboration with other breweries.

Discover the beer


Lager Hell

also in gluten-free version

Glitch Slap

Dunkel Bock

also in gluten-free version


American IPA

also in gluten-free version

Home Dream

Not Ordinary IPA

also in gluten-free version

All the beers

Why craft beer in a can?

We chose the aluminum can because in addition to providing total protection from light, it is more sustainable than glass by being infinitely recyclable.

In addition, our innovative packaging design is unique and reflects the post-industrial style of EDIT and the history of Turin.

In particular, the graphics of our labels play with the way the natural elements of the earth affect man-made materials such as light, wind, fire-burned aluminum, rusted metal, and worn concrete.

The production process

We boast strategic partnerships with highly qualified international cooperators in raw material selection. For example, with Weyermann for malt supply, Barth-Haas for hops and Lallemand for yeast.

Thanks to innovative 4.0 technology, our plant is highly efficient and able to save 30 percent of water resources at each production cycle, reusing them in the cooling systems.

Waste threshers are entirely reused in biogas production.