Milano Gae Aulenti

Feltrinelli Cafè EDIT

20145 MILAN

monday – friday: 08:00 – 21:00
saturday: 09:00 – 22.00
sunday: 09:00 – 21.00

EDIT and Feltrinelli Librerie have chosen each other as partners who share an ethical commitment focusing on quality and sustainability: the common objective is to give value and importance to everything that has flavor and meaning.

On one side, exciting stories of authors and musicians, on the other, authentic recipes using carefully selected ingredients: from the excellent flours handpicked by the Davide Longoni Bakery, to the ethically farmed meat of the Granda association and the symbiotic agriculture promoted by the Gambaro farm, up to the Slow Food producers, which preserve the environment while enhancing the local culture.

You are in the right place to dive into the flavor of a good book and of the unique stories that our dishes can offer.